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Fresh-faced, brand new comer, D’Angelo, makes his unique porn first dark thunder appearance with your most favorite Rico and DLow on the latest papithugz videos. Both of these were really  happy to show this first-timer several secrets of the pros. Flip the camera to them, and Rico’s heavy piece is all up in DLow’s well-fucked ass hole. Got Papa’s little brown eyes rolling to the rear of his head: Yeah! A fast study, D’Angelo needed to get his. He screwed both of these man cunts  then rode Rico’s ass like it was last-call at a whorehouse. Just when was the last time you felt some really good dick? Come and grab quite a few, with Papi thugz videos.

So here we are with another simply superb and hot fresh video for you guys, and it’s as hot as always. Once more we have a trio of hot and horny guys that are ready to get down and dirty and you get to see it all. Enjoy this scene and watch one of the best gay fuck fests to ever go down here. The horny guys were all ready and hard in the beginning and they start off straight to the fucking. Watch as one stud takes the big black cock up the ass, and mean while he also sucks off the other dude nicely. Enjoy this video today and as always do drop by next week for some more nice and hot scenes. Bye bye everyone and enjoy your stay!

papithugz videos d angelo at his first video

Check out D’angelo on his very first gay experience!

Maximo PapiThugz Video

Check out Maximo Papithugz video, as he goes with his back at Papi thugz. Papa’s all tatted-up, got a bit of meat on his bone — I love that! — and a meaty, uncut, tasty pinga wanting to be shag. Like the guys from  collegeboyphysicals videos, artist is definitely the handsome, dick-loving muscular bottom we’ve got to get the job finished. Yeah, he can slob on that knob all night long, but Maximo dreamed of some tight ass-hole, so Artist stuck it on him on this latest papithugzs. Rode that delicious bone really hard. Yo, when your man got a firm piece like that, it’s what you expected to do. Do your thing, bitch, I ain’t angry. Hey Maximo, take a breath, we planning to hook you up.

maximo papithugz video

Since you guys loved Maximo so much, the stud decided to make an encore and make another appearance here. And today he gets to fuck some more nice and tight horny mormon boyz asses with that nice and big Latino cock of his. Sit back and enjoy as he has this muscled stud sucking and slurping on his cock to get him as hard as he can, and then you get to see him taking his spot on the hard meat pole with his ass. Enjoy as he bounces up and down Maximo’s cock this afternoon and then see as Maximo ends the scene by blowing a nice and big load all over Yo’s nice body today. Have fun with it and goodby until next week everyone!

See this horny fellow working hard on Maximo’s fat cock

Papi Thugz – Double Dominican Blast

This latest papi thugz brings to you sexy looking Papi Maximo, giving it hard and from the back  to his fellow Dominican  Lil C’s . These two nextdoorbuddies could ass fuck themselves all night long, taking turn in giving each other pleasure. By the end of the evening Lil C’s tight ass hole is so fucked he can barely walk. But the pleasure he felt is immeasurable. Check out this latest up load with these two hot looking Dominicans ass fucking all night long just for your enjoyment and theirs. So let’s watch the studs in action without delay today shall we guys? we can promise that you will not be disapointed one bit today.

Maximo like we said ends up doing the ass fucking, and when C saw that he was packing a nice and big cock he was more than happy to let him stretch out that round and sexy black ass as much as he wanted. Of course that C took the time to get his fuck buddy nice and hard and ready for the ass fucking with a superb blowjob that nearly made Maximo blow his load before hand. Anyway, sit back and enjoy the ebony stud as he moans in pleasure with the nice and big cock sliding deep inside his sweet ass and fucking him hard style all afternoon long today. We will be back as always next time with more sizzling hot gay scenes!

papi thugz dominican blast

See these dudes screwing their asses till they both cum!

PapiThugz JT

What  started out out as a pretty sexy two some loving between papithugz jt and Alexandro, turned straight into one bad orgy. Pretty much all the rights ingridients were there – tones of french kissing, multiple cock sucking and licking , and hot ass fucking. These naughty boys experienced some hard ass fuck, some sweet tasting cum all over their faces and mouths. Do not miss this latest  from papi thugz, and get ready  for one hot dirty hard brit lads night, filled with naughty ass fucking. And we know that you guys just adore these superb and sexy group scenes as well , and that’s why we decided to bring another to you this fine day today.

papithugz jt and alejandro papithugz jt in a 4-some

As the cameras start rolling, you get to see some very horny and muscled studs as they start off their little group fuck with some nice and hard cock sucking. And you cannot miss watching these guys deep throating and sucking each other off to get themselves nice and hard for the next part of this sexy scene. Watch as then they start the fuck fest properly and you get to see them sliding those mighty cocks in and out of each other’s sexy butts without delay. We know that you will love this scene as well and rest assured that the studs here will be back in the future with some more amazing scenes as well, so have fun and enjoy yourselves!

See these hunks fucking and sucking all over the place!

Alejandro PapiThugz

Fucking is so much better when you do  it with your best  friend. Or friends in the case of this Alejandro papithugz video. He has a brand-new idea in his mind as King Dingo in his Papi thugz premiere, Rico, and Alejandro got together around the block and take matters to a completely new level. These hot baitbuddies are all over one another in no time with Alejandro and Rico giving all of us a few of the most popular flip-floppin stretching one another’s ass holes to the limit. Well you saw Alejandro in a past update, and here he is again with some more nice and hot scenes without delay. So let’s get started then shall we everyone?

The superb scene starts off and you get to see all of the horny guys as they get naked and start to kiss passionately. Then some nice cock sucking action and ass licking as well gets down as the studs seem to be getting more and more wild in front of the cameras. Watch closely and see them fucking hard style all over the place today and they see as they engage in a superb and hot jerk off competition to end it. The studs end up blowing their loads all over one another and they seem to be pretty happy at the end of it as well. Enjoy the view of this scene and see you guys next week as per usual with some more nice and fresh content as always!

alejandro papithugz fucking his friendz on video alejandro papithugz cumming on video

Watch these horny fellas going wildin a messy jizz-fest!


Check  out this latest  from papi thugz, with these two big black superstarts Cornbread and Alejandro, in all new oh so sexy 69. These 2 bad boys start sucking each others hard cock just like the guys from, and lick their ass holes till they can’t breath anymore, and don’t stop until they feel in their dirty mouths the sweet taste of their cum. They  were so  hot after  one another, that  they  couldn’t stop until they  made 3 bran new scenes, all available at But this nice week’s update you get to enjoy two shredded studs as they get to have some nice and hard style sex just for your viewing pleasure everyone. So just watch this show.

papi thugz cornbread

As another fresh week started off there was no way that we were missing the opportunity to show off this nice and hot scene to you guys. These guys were super horny and ready to have fun and would get to see it all today. Sit back and let’s see them in action as they begin their photo shoot with a nice and hot sixty nine, and you can see them sucking and slurping on each other’s hard cocks to get each other nice and hard for the next part. Then you get to see this pair of horny and hot studs as they take turns to fuck each other in the ass balls deep with their nice and big cocks as well. We know that you will simply adore this scene and we’ll see you next week once more!

Watch these horny black guys tasting one another’s cock!

PapiThugs – Phat Daddy

Some hot two loving between Phat  Daddy and Alejandro, all captured in a photoshoot while they get a sweet taste of their hard dick and cum, is enterrupted by HotShot. He wants to  take` part at  this hot loving, and so  heats up things, turning them into some full blown hot ass fuckin all avaivle at  papithugz. Check out this latest hot three some, where Phat Daddy stucks his huge hard dick into poor Alejandro’s mouth and makes him have a taste of his cum. All this, while HotShot, is watching and enjoying this moment. If you liked this gallery, check out blog and watch other horny hunks sucking big dicks. So let’s get started.

As always you can expect to find the most amazing and hot gay scenes here and today there was no exception. This guy named Alejandro is one horny man slut and he sure was quick to show it off as well. As you can see he was pretty quick to whip out his buddy’s cock and starts to work it with his expert lips as he sucks and deep throats it with a passion. And of course that after such a superb oral performance he was going to be rewarded nicely with a nice and hard ass fucking. So watch him getting his ass fucked hard, and then see him getting a nice and big jizz load all over his face today. Enjoy it and see you guys soon as usual. Bye bye!

papithugs phat daddy and his thugz

See this hunk sucking cock and receiving a nasty cumload!

PapiThugz Moyea

This latest with papithugz Moyea brings to  you some hard dick sucking, happening between Moyea, Jovannie and Alejandro. He is so thirsty for some hard dick and sweet cum, that  he just can’t help himself and he sucks them both. At the time. This bad boy is really hungry and he will not stop until he gets to  taste some of that sweet cum in his dirty mouth. Check out this latest only at papi thugz. And if you liked this update click here and have fun watching other hot guys fucking each others tight asses. Well either way in this nice and hot update you are sure to find some nice and hot scenes with lots of sexy studs that get to have some wild gay fun today.

papithugz moyea and his lovers in a great threeway

This guy Moyea always wanted to try getting his ass penetrated by two cocks, and as you know we re are here to please. So we made sure that he gets to have some sweet fun with two other studs packing nice and big cocks that would take care of his nice and tight ass this afternoon. Sit back and enjoy as this wild and horny stud works those cocks with his luscious lips and then sit back to watch him bending over to take a nice and deep anal fucking from the other two. And you cannot miss seeing his cute butt getting double penetrated by this pair of nice and big cocks today. Have fun with the scene as always and see you guys next week with some more fresh galleries!

See these horny males tasting one another’s cock!

PapiThugz Ant Nowa

These 2 naughty boys decided to photo shoot themselves as they were fucking in a sweet missionary and then rocking hard from behind. Papithugz Ant Nova are oh so hot in this latest, and given the fact that nova was a first  timer, he did pretty week taking in his tight ass Papi thugz huge hard dick. Check out this latest photo shoot with these two hot bad giving and tearing their tight ass hole, in an action which  has all the right ingredients and if you liked this visit website and have fun watching other similar galleries featuring some horny guys. Well let’s see them in action and watch as they spend the whole afternoon fucking each other just for you guys.

Nowa was always curious how it felt to take a nice and big cock up the ass and this fine day he would be getting a taste of it for sure from his fuck buddy. Watch as the studs start off with a nice and hot kissing session in front of the cameras, and as they undress one another you get to see some passionate French kissing with lots of tongue action go down as well. Enjoy as Nowa gets his ass penetrated by the nice and big cock and see him moaning in pleasure at the good anal dicking that he gets today. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we will be seeing you next week once again with some more amazing and hot scenes just as always everybody!

papithugz ant nowa and his lovers papithugz ant nowa and his lgay overs

Check out Ant Nowa on his 1st gay encounter!

PapiThugz David R.

It doesn’t get any hotter than this with hot papithugz David R showing it all in a brand new photo shoot from papi thugz and Jake Cruise. This half Puerto Rican and half hot Ecuadorian naughty looking bad boy is ready for some action. His huge and strong as a rock dick is all about fun and offering some pleasure. Check out his solo scene showing off in his perfect  worked body and check out for some more of this sexy piece in the future. Well anyway, let’s see the sexy and horny hunk David in action for today without any delay shall we?

papithugz david r and his sexy body papithugz david r and his nice cock

He finally got the chance to have his very own sexy and hot solo gallery today and he was very happy to get to show off his sexy body to you guys today. Watch closely and see him as he starts off his show by stripping and taking off his clothes and watch him as he starts to massage his muscled body this afternoon. Enjoy as he makes his way down to his cock and see him as he starts to stroke that nice and big cock of his nice and slow, working up momentum until he masturbates fast and hard for the cameras as well. And it all ends with a nice and big jizz load that this guy ends up blowing all over himself and just for your viewing pleasure today. Have fun with it and see you guys next week!

Check out David R. stroking his hard meat!

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