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Slim’s Fantasy

Papi thugz got their hands on another green horn. And he’s a very imaginative and energetic individual with a passion to always try out new stuff while fucking. So we aimed to satisfy his curious tastes and gave him two guys to take care of him. And boy did they. You just have to see the guys go to work on horny Slim’s ass in this update. Slim has always dreamed to be in the “center” of attention between two guys packing huge cocks and this afternoon he got to fulfill that as he picked up these two studs and brought them back to his place for some nice and rough banging in the evening. So let’s see Slim getting to be fucked by both of them today shall we?

He’s such a manwhore to be honest. He’s always looking for big cocks to suck on and prepare them for his anal pleasing and well, in this scene you get to see it on camera. As soon as the cameras start to roll, Slim gets undressed and begins to suck the two off in a superb double blow job session. Then as he keeps sucking one off, the other one gets to come in from behind and starts to fuck him in the ass bareback. You just need to sit back and relax, enjoying the front row seats to the fuck fest that unfolds. We hope that you had fun seeing Slim getting double fucked from both ends by his new fuck buddies. See you all soon with more all new updates!


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